Fiscal 2015 'Cromnibus' News Archive (December 2014)

The president the evening of Dec. 16 signed the so-called cromnibus, which funds the entire government, except the Department of Homeland Security, through the end of fiscal 2015. DHS is funded with a shorter-term continuing resolution (putting the "cr" in cromnibus) that ends Feb. 27. The signing followed a week in which the bill was released, criticized by conservatives and liberals alike, barely reached the House floor, then narrowly passed that chamber before a weekend vote in the Senate.

This page houses CQ's ever-expanding coverage of this sprawling bill. We've made available sections of the bill itself, other related documents and, as it posts, CQ's exclusive reporting and analysis.

News stories and documents regarding the continuing resolution passed in September can be found here. Coverage of earlier appropriations action is available here. And coverage of the president's fiscal 2015 budget can be found here.

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