Fiscal 2015 Continuing Resolution

Ambitious early plans to consider a full slate of spending bills in each chamber by the end of fiscal 2014 have given way to reality, with leaders instead clearing a plan to fund the government past the elections. The House took the first step, passing a stopgap with language involving Syria on Sept. 17; the Senate cleared the bill a day later, and by Sept. 19 the president had signed it.

The following are selected CQ News stories and documents posted since the August recess involving fiscal 2015 appropriations, primarily the stopgap and other language that was requested to be included in it, or at least considered. Coverage of earlier appropriations action is available here. And coverage of the president's fiscal 2015 budget can be found here.

Note: Access to the documents and bill text below may depend on your subscription. For even more coverage, CQ offers BudgetTracker.