Fiscal 2015 Appropriations Coverage

The following are selected CQ News stories and documents involving fiscal 2015 appropriations, as well as the president's request for fiscal 2014 emergency spending. Coverage of the president's fiscal 2015 budget can be found here.

Note: Access to documents and bill text below may depend on your subscription. For even more detailed coverage, CQ also offers BudgetTracker.


Fiscal 2014 Supplemental


House and Senate subcommittees advanced their respective bills May 20. Full Senate panel endorsed May 22. Full House panel advanced May 29.


House subcommittee approved, April 30. Full committee approved, May 8. House passed, May 30.
Senate subcommittee approved, June 3. Full committee approved, June 5.


House subcommittee approved May 30. Full committee approved June 10. House passed June 20. Senate subcommittee approved July 15. Full committee approved July 17.


House subcommittee approved June 10. Full panel approved June 18. House passed July 10.


House subcommittee approved May 7. Full committee advanced May 21. House passed June 10.
Senate subcommittee approved June 3. Full committee advanced June 5.