CQ coverage: Coronavirus pandemic


Following is CQ coverage of the coronavirus-caused disease COVID-19. For a searchable index of news and documents click here. For a searchable index of press releases, click here.

Week of March 29

Week of March 22

The Senate passed a roughly $2 trillion stimulus package on Wednesday. The House cleared it and the president signed it Friday.

Week of March 15

The House on March 16 passed a revised stimulus package (HR 6201), and on March 18 the Senate cleared it and the president signed it.

Week of March 8

The House on March 14 passed an economic stimulus package. The Senate is expected to take it up the week of March 15 and the president has said he supports it.

Week of March 1

On March 5, Congress cleared an $8.3 billion emergency spending package to help contain the COVID-19 illness.

February 2020

The Trump administration sent a request to Congress on Feb. 24 for $2.5 billion in new and reprogrammed funding to help combat the coronavirus disease outbreak.