Demographic Divide in the House


Districts won by Republicans in the 2012 elections differ from their Democratic counterparts across a wide range of demographic measures. read more...

The Editors
October 2, 2013
Congressional Affairs

Politics & Elections

Poverty Rate Stays Flat in 2012


For the last three decades, the national poverty rate has fluctuated between about 12 and 15 percent percent of the population, peaking in the wake of recessions and then rapidly falling as the economy recovered. In the aftermath of the most recent recession, however, the poverty rate remained elevated at 15 percent for three years in a row (2010 through 2012), diverging from the historical norm in its stability. read more...

The Editors
September 19, 2013
Economic Affairs

Food Stamps Participation Soars


In 2000, participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as food stamps, was at its lowest point as a share of the population since 1974. By 2010, following the financial crisis and great recession, the total number of participants had more than doubled to reach 40 million, or 13 percent of the population. read more...

The Editors
September 18, 2013

Domestic Policy

Welfare & Housing

In Congress, the Rich Get Richer


A surprisingly strong year in the financial markets made the richest members of Congress even wealthier in 2012, according to financial disclosures filed over the summer. It took a minimum net worth of $6.67 million to crack Roll Call’s annual 50 Richest List, compared to $6.14 million in 2011. read more...

The Editors
September 17, 2013
Congressional Affairs