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CBO Releases New Budget Outlook


The Editors
January 26, 2015


Split Senate Delegations’ Varying Levels of Agreement

Split Senators

Alaska Senator Mark Begich, a Democrat, is in a tough race for reelection this year, and advertising how well he works with popular fellow Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican. There are 17 states with split Senate delegations — represented by one Republican and one Democrat or Democrat-aligned Independent. We looked at all Senate floor … read more...

Commerce-Justice-Science Request

Justice Department Request FY15

These graphs break down the requested budget authority for the Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, and science programs in the president’s fiscal 2015 budget. “Other” in the Justice Department graph is the U.S. Parole Commission ($13.3 million) “Other” in the science programs graph is National Science Foundation – Other ($18.8 million), and the Office … read more...

The Editors
May 14, 2014



Seeking Cloture

Cloture votes on executive and judicial nominees

The Senate has increasingly been forced to file for cloture in order to get to the final up-or-down confirmation vote on nominations. read more...

Counties with the highest government dependency

benefits map

Federal government benefits contribute nearly a fifth of the average American’s income. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment and veterans benefits provide a substantial part of the nation’s personal income, spanning political and socioeconomic divides. As you can see in the map above, as of 2011, some counties have more than half of their personal income … read more...