Legislative Branch Gets Small Appropriations Bump in the House

The Editors | July 9, 11:06 am

Despite a widespread distaste for government among House Republicans, GOP appropriators intend to spare much of Capitol Hill’s operations from the deep cuts facing other domestic programs. The fiscal 2014 legislative branch appropriations bill, which a House subcommittee approved by voice vote this morning, provides funding for Congressional operations as well as the Capital Police, Library of Congress, Congressional Budget Office and Government Accountability Office, among other programs.

While not as large as the increases proposed for the Defense and Homeland Security bills, the Legislative Branch would get a bump of about $63 million, or 1.6 percent, under the spending plan devised by House Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers, R-Ky. Across all twelve regular appropriations bills, the House plan would cut nearly $20 billion from the discretionary budget to meet caps lowered by the scheduled fiscal 2014 sequester. Labor, education and health programs would receive the deepest cuts, followed by foreign assistance programs.

The graphic above shows by how much the House appropriations committee would grow or shrink each appropriations bill compared with current spending, including the effects of the fiscal 2013 sequester. The table provides a full comparison of House and Senate allocations against fiscal 2013 appropriations and the president's request. The Senate plan and the president's request both assume no fiscal 2014 sequester.

While the House would allocate $4.1 billion for all legislative branch activities, the bill itself does not include funding for Senate operations, and therefore comes in at only $3.2 billion. It is customary for the language on House and Senate operations to remain separate until conference.

About the Data

Allocations for the House and Senate are from the respective appropriations committees of those chambers. The fiscal 2013 enacted and fiscal 2014 request figures are from the Senate Appropriations Committee. Fiscal 2013 current spending (post-sequester) figures are from the Democratic staff of the House Appropriations Committee.