Immigration Bill: Will Past Be Prologue?

The Editors | June 7, 12:05 pm

The Senate has started debate on a comprehensive immigration overhaul bill, and sponsors hope there will be enough votes to pass it. If that happens, it won’t be the first time — a similar measure got through the Senate in 2006. The comprehensive measure was never taken up by the House, however.

In the seven years since the 2006 vote, the composition of the Senate has changed dramatically. More than half of those who voted in 2006 are no longer in office. Only 20 of 39 Democrats and only five of 23 Republicans who voted “yes” on that bill remain in the chamber.

Click the image above to see an interactive guide to the 2006 vote, complete with information on 56 Senators, most of them Democrats, who have been elected or appointed since.