House Appropriators Boost Defense Programs

The Editors | May 22, 10:26 am

On May 21, the House approved allocations, known as 302(b)s, for fiscal 2014 appropriations. The table above compares the allocation for each bill to current spending (both before and after the sequester) and to the president's 2014 budget. The percent change column compares the House allocations to fiscal 2013 appropriations including the effects of the current sequester.

The House would boost defense, military construction and homeland security budgets while cutting heavily from bills covering education, environmental programs and foreign assistance.

Under spending caps set by Congress in 2011, the overall discretionary budget for fiscal 2014 is $967 billion, not including war spending and other adjustments not subject to the caps. That figure, which is about 2 percent lower than current spending, would be about $100 billion higher without the sequester in place.

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About the Data

The pre-sequester figures for fiscal 2013 are from the Congressional Budget Office report on final appropriations, adjusted to include the CFTC in the Agriculture bill rather than Financial Services for comparability. The Democratic staff of the House Appropriations Committee provided the figures for fiscal 2013 post-sequester and the president’s fiscal 2014 request.