Domestic Oil Production to Overtake Imports

The Editors | March 25, 10:42 am

U.S. crude oil production, which began to steadily decline in the mid-1980s, has been growing again since 2008. By 2014, domestic production is expected to overtake net imports for the first time in two decades.

Texas and North Dakota are leading the oil boom thanks to new technologies that have opened up shale and tight rock formations for extraction. Conventional oil states like Alaska and California have continued to see declines in production.

Interactive by Ted Benson

About the Data

The Energy Information Administration wrote about the expected rise of production to surpass imports in a post last week in the “Today in Energy” series. The graphs and map above show EIA’s annual figures on production and imports, along with that agency’s national projections for the next two years. The state data is from table 26 in EIA’s Petroleum Supply Monthly report.