Funding the Rest of Fiscal 2013

The Editors | March 12, 4:27 pm

The continuing resolution currently funding the federal government is set to expire near the end of this month, and now both chambers have offered up plans for extending budget authority through the end of this fiscal year.

The House passed a new continuing resolution (HR 933) last week, and late Monday night, Senate Democrats released an amendment to that measure.

The Senate's substitute amendment maintains the same overall discretionary spending level as the House-passed bill, part of an effort to avoid an impasse that could lead to a government shutdown. The Senate plan does adjust how that total is distributed, however, moving around a total of $1.15 billion among the different subcommittee jurisdictions.

The Interior-Environment bill took the biggest hit in the Senate amendment, losing nearly $800 billion, while transportation and housing programs saw the greatest increase. Only the State-Foreign Operations bill was left untouched.

The figures in the table do not include war spending, disaster relief or other adjustments not subject to statutory spending caps. Final 2013 appropriations will also be subject to an additional across-the-board percentage cut, or sequester.