Meet the 113th Congress

The Editors | December 20, 1:01 pm

**Last updated Feb. 7, 2013 to add Democratic Sen. William "Mo" Cowan, who was appointed to the seat left vacant by John Kerry's move to Secretary of State.**

When the 113th Congress convenes in January, the House Republican majority will decline from 240 to 233, while the Democratic minority will bring its ranks up to an even 200. The Senate Democratic caucus, which includes two independents, will expand its majority to 55.

There will be at least two vacancies in the House — seats left open by Democrat Jesse L. Jackson Jr. of Illinois, who resigned last month, and Tim Scott of South Carolina, who has been named to the Senate seat vacated by departing Republican Jim DeMint.

White men will be in the minority in the House Democratic caucus for the first time, while accounting for 90 percent House Republicans. The arrival of five new women to the Senate — four Democrats and one Republican — will bring the chamber's count of female lawmakers to 20 for the first time.

Scott, currently the only black Republican in House, will become the only African American of either party in the Senate.

Interactive by Ted Benson; Research by Sarah Vanderbilt