Status of Fiscal 2013 Appropriations

Sarah Vanderbilt | July 20, 11:10 am

The House Appropriations Committee has approved up 11 of the 12 regular spending bills for next fiscal year, and is likely to mark up the last — covering health, education and labor programs — sometime next week. Of the 11 approved by committee, the full House has finished 7, the most recent being the defense spending bill which the House passed late last night, 326-90.

The Senate has marked up 7 of the 12 bills in committee but has not yet brought one to the floor. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said that a major hurdle to his chamber moving forward is the House Republicans' insistance on a lower discretionary spending total than the one agreed to in last year's debt limit compromise. Democrats have also raised strong objections to many policy provisions that have been added in an open amendment process in the House.

Even though appropriators got off to an early start this season, (see this post for a historical comparison) there has always been little expectation that Congress would clear any spending measures before Oct. 1, the start of the next fiscal year. Congress is expected to put a stopgap continuing resolution in place in September, as it has many times in recent years.

By clicking on an individual bill, you can compare spending levels from the current fiscal year and the president's request to what the House and Senate have proposed for fiscal 2013. Figures are released by the appropriations committees after a bill is approved by committee, and then again when the final conference report is agreed to by both the House and Senate.

The table will show new information as Congress acts further on appropriations, but the text of this post will not be updated.