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How Trump’s Message Has Changed Since the Convention
By Sean McMinn and Larry Nista

President Donald Trump on Tuesday delivered a different speech in tone if not content from the one he gave at the Republican National Convention in July 2016.

Like the speech in Cleveland, Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress focused on the economy and immigration. Gone was much of the pessimism about the state of the U.S. and failures of Democrats. Instead, Trump's address just six weeks into office sought to highlight his accomplishments so far and looked ahead with optimism to the 250th anniversary of the country in nine years. At the convention, he used a form of the word “fail” nine times and “threat” eight times; Tuesday he used the words “together” and “peace” four times each.

Trump spent nearly seven minutes of his hour-long address to Congress on immigration policy — a topic that has produced mixed reviews from the American people and backlash from Democratic lawmakers in response to an executive order on refugees and immigrants from certain countries. Still, Democrats applauded when Trump hinted at a larger immigration policy overhaul.

The graphic below compares the topics in Trump’s Republican convention speech in Cleveland with his address Tuesday to Congress. Hover or tap on bars to see more information about each sub-topic. Click or tap again to scroll to sample quotes from the speeches.

First Joint Address to Congress
Feb. 28, 2017
Convention Speech
July 21, 2016