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Commerce-Justice-Science Request

The Editors
May 14, 11:30 a.m.
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Justice Department Request FY15

These graphs break down the requested budget authority for the Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, and science programs in the president’s fiscal 2015 budget. “Other” in the Justice Department graph is the U.S. Parole Commission ($13.3 million) “Other” in the science programs graph is National Science Foundation – Other ($18.8 million), and the Office … read more...

House Allocations Approved

House 302(b)s

On May 8, the House of Representatives approved their fiscal 2015 allocations within which appropriations subcommittees will work to fund their respective parts of the government. read more...

The Editors
May 19
12:56 p.m.


Obama Judges Advance Ahead of Pace

Judicial Confirmations as of May 9 (2009-2014)

In the wake of Senate rules changes that lowers the cloture threshold to a simple majority, the pace of judicial confirmations this year is substantially ahead of that of prior years. The above graph looks at the number of confirmations through today’s date for each year of the Obama presidency. read more...

By The Numbers: A Look at Obama’s Fiscal 2015 Budget Request

See how President Obama's Fiscal 2015 budget adds up. read more...

The Editors
March 18
4:45 p.m.

Seeking Cloture

Cloture votes on executive and judicial nominees

The Senate has increasingly been forced to file for cloture in order to get to the final up-or-down confirmation vote on nominations. read more...